M5 at the Arts Midwest Conference/ hang with Martin Hackleman

We just came back from our appearance at the ARTS MIDWEST BOOKING CONFERENCE in Kansas City, where we had the pleasure to see our agent Susan Endrizzi from CALIFORNIA ARTISTS MANAGEMENT and to stay with another dear friend and stunning artist: Martin Hackleman and his wife Kelly.

Martin inspired many generations of young musicians, revolutionizing the idea of french horn playing when he entered the Canadian Brass in the early 80’s and later continued as a member of the Empire Brass Quintet. He was part of both ensambles most outstanding recordings. His carrer is an endless list of musical highlights, from principal horn at the Symphony Orchestras in Vancouver and Montreal to first horn of the National Symphony Orchestra in DC, he is now professor of the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance and member of the All Star Brass quintet.
Its an honor to have him and Kelly as friends and inspiration.  check: Marty Hackleman


M5 with Martin Hackleman in Kansas City


M5 with Kelly Kerr HAckleman









We also thank the Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores for their support with the flights.

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