M5 is SCHAGERL Mexico- artist

We proudly announce that M5 MEXICAN BRASS and the fine Austrian brass instruments- brand SCHAGERL started a collaboration. M5 is now SCHAGERL ARTIST-México .1914067_10207663989854254_4985941942849886191_n

Our trumpeter Alex has played Schagerl instruments since 2000. In spring 2015 his colleague Oscar could not resist any longer and starting 2016, Charly, our trombonist, went for the Kiss-Bone. We are happy to be linked to such outstanding quality and vision. More to come.

Schagerl Instruments played by M5 MEXICAN BRASS:
Oscar: Bflat- and C- trumpets “Hörsdorf Heavy
Alex: “Ganschhorn” heavy Bflat, C-trumpet “Classic Line“, Apredato Mouthpiece
Roberto “Charly” Carlos: Kiss Bone

We thank Aretcia Pineda and Jorge Mejia from MEPI MUSIC SCHAGERL MEXICO and Karl Schagerl for their trust and support.

Other instrument-brands played by M5:
Juan Carlos: Engelbert Schmid – french horn
José: Melton 3450 C-Tuba



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  1. textronicx says:

    Bei seinen Solokonzerten setzt er ab sofort auch die wunderbare Basstrompete „Wunderhorn“ von Schagerl ein und stцsst damit auf ein fasziniertes Publikum.