1. Our Musical-Theatrical shows 


Genuine Brass Theater… Virtuosic, Breathtaking and never taking itself seriously!

• K.McKee: Dürrenhorn Passage
• J.S.Bach: Fantansie in C Mayor, 3rd Brandenburg Concerto
• A.Vivaldi: “Summer” from The Four Seasons
•Variations on a German song as written by Bach, Mozart, Wagner, Strauss, Orff, Mexican& Bavarian style!
• St.James Infirmary Blues
• J.Lennon/P.McCartney: Michelle
• G.Dinicu: Hora Staccatu
• Abreu: Tico Tico

Vuelta de Fuego

From Spain to Rumania, from German Opera to Broadway.

• G.F.Handel: Hornpipe
• K.McKee: Vuelta de Fuego
• G.Rossini: Overture to the opera “The Barber of Seville”
• E.Humperdinck: Evening Prayer from the opera “Hansel and Gretel”
• .F.Handel: Hornpipe
• A.Piazolla: Libertango
• High Society Dixieland
• L.Bernstein: West Side Story
• K.McKee: Escape

Brass Spectacular

Unexpected and surprising! The big hits, the best of all of M5’s programs.

• Arcangelo Corelli: La Folia
• W.A.Mozart: Overture from the ópera “The Marriage of Figaro” (Amadeus)
• Johann Sebastian Bach: Air (from the 3rd Orchestral Suite)
• Overture of the Zarzuela “La Boda de Luis Alonso”
• Kerry Turner: The Casbah of Tetouan
• Kevin McKee: Escape (A theatrical brass thriller)
• High Society (Dixieland)
• Zbigniev Preisner: Requiem
• Mexican hits: Suite of Jarochos, La Negra, etc….


Famous soundtracks and classical music used in Films, like in the movies!
• J.S.Bach: Toccata and Fuge in D minor (…)
• Samuel barber: Adagio for strings (Pelotón/Platoon)
• Astor Piazolla: Libertango (Tango)
• Henry Mancini: The Pink Panther
• Max Steiner: Gone with the Wind
• 20th Century Fox fanfare, John Williams: Star Wars
• Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov: Flight of the bumblebee (Tsar saltan)
• John Williams: Harry Potter
• Leonard Bernstein: West Side Story (Tonight, Maria, Somewhere)
• Monty Norman: James Bond 007

Bach, Brass & More

Classical, virtuosic and charismatic: The depth of the great maestro combined with M5´s energy and humor.

• Suite BWV 1067 (Bourrée, Polonaise, Menuet, Badinerie)
• Chorale: “My spirit be joyful” BWV 146
• Contrapunctus No.3 de “El Arte de la Fuga” BWV 1080
• Chorale: Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desiring BWV 147
• Prelude and Fugue in E minor BWV 555
• Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 538
• Overtura to the Zarzuela “La boda de Luis Alonso”
• Kerry Turner: The Casbah of Tetouan (a tone poem)
• Michal Kamen: Brassquintett
• Astor Piazolla: Libertango

Está Cañón

M5’s first theatrical program, it takes you on a journey through 400 years of musical history, fresh and funny. An unforgettable performance!

• Monty Norman: James Bond-007
• Maurice Green: Trumpet Voluntary
• Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzona N° 4
• J.S.Bach: Fugue in G minor “The Little”
• Franz v.Suppé: Overture “Poet and Peasant”
• Lew Pollack: That’s a Plenty (Dixieland)
• George Gershwin: Summertime
• B. B. Monteverde: “La Virgen de la Macarena” (spanish Bullfighter Song)
• G. Matos Rodriguez: La Cumparsita (Tango)
• Der Alte Peter – (A German Folk Song)
• M5’s mexican favorites: Guadalajara, El Jarabe Tapatío, etc.

2. Children’s Programs

Didactical Concert for Kids

In 45 minutes, M5 introduces the world of music to children. With short pieces, the musicians show how dissimilar the music in different époques sounded, explain what a fugue and a concerto are, prove that you can play on a garden hose or compare a march with a fanfare. The kids learn why an opera starts with an overture, where the dixieland comes from and that you can play funny notes in a blues. They will be surprised how the same piece would have sounded composed by Mozart or Bach and why a German folk song sounds so Mexican! M5 shows that melodies from any country, époque or style are beautiful, excites the kids about music and awakes interest in the brass instruments….! Now you know why your kids want to play trumpet, horn, trombone or tuba!!

• W.A.Mozart: Overture to “Figaro”
• A.Vivaldi: Concerto for 2 trumpets
• J.S.Bach: The Little Fugue
• F. v. Suppe: Walz and polka from “Poet and Peasant”
• Lew Pollack: That’s a Plenty (Dixieland)
• John Williams: Harry Potter
• Variations about “Der Alte Peter“ by Bach and Mozart
• Guadalajara, etc. (The choice of the pieces depends on the age of the kids)

Didactical Symphonic Concert for kids

The best of our show “Está Cañón” in arrangements for M5 and Symphony Orchestra.


3. Classical Programs

Simply Baroque

The magnificent and brilliant music of the European kings and counts with the great maestros from Italy, Germany, England and France, the big époque of brass music.

• Georg Friedrich Händel: Hornpipe from the “Watermusic”
• Giles Farneby: Fancies, Toys and Dreams
• Arcangelo Corelli: La Folia
• Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto for 2 Trumpets
• J.Mouret: Rondo
• J.S.Bach: Air
• J.S.Bach: Fugue in G minor BWV 131a
• A.Vivaldi: Concerto from “L’Estro Armonico”

Tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach

“Bach is beginning and end of all music” (Max Reger).A great concert dedicated to the music of the most brilliant composer of music history. The program of our CD “Bach”.

• Suite BWV 1067 (Bourrée, Polonaise, Menuet, Badinerie)
• Chorale: “Jesus , Joy of Man’s Desiring” from the Cantata BWV 147
• Fugue in G minor BWV 131ª
• Chorale “My Spirit be Joyful” from the Easter Cantata BWV 146
• Brandenburg Concerto No.3
• Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 538
• Chorale: „Come oh death you brother of sleep“ BWV 56
• Contrapunctus N° 3 from “The Art of the Fugue” BWV 1080
• Chorale: “Sheep may safely graze” from the Cantata BWV 208
• Prelude and Fugue in E minor BWV 555

21 st Century

Spectacular works, original compositions for brass quintet and pieces written for METALES M5, from alive composers and from the 20th century.

• Kevin McKeith: Escape
• Victor Ewald: Brass Quintet N° 1 or 3
• Jorge Cervantes: Fuge “Elias” (2008 for M5)
• Malcolm Arnold: Brass Quintet
• Kerry Turner: The Casbah of Tetouan (a tone poem for brass)
• Michael Kamen: Brass Quintett
• Alexandr Pashkov – Ragtime, Tarantella (2007 for M5)
• Ken Bichel: Spheres (2013 for M5)


4. Special Programs

M5 Symphonic

Two extraordinary works for brass quintet and symphony orchestra by contemporary composers and joyful arrangements of our CD “Está Cañón”.
• Frigyes Hidas: Quinteto Concertante (listen: )
• Aldo R. Forte: Piezas Latino-Ibericas (Concerto for Brassquintett and Orchestra) (listen:
• Highlights from the Show “Está Cañón” arranged for M5 and Symphony orchestra.

Viva México!

The most beloved, the fastest, the sweetest and the most famous melodies in Mexico.

• Overture from the zarzuela “La boda de Luis Alonso”
• Jarabe Tapatío
• Popurrí Jarochos Veracruzanos ( El Cascabel, La Bruja etc.)
• B. B. Monteverde: La Virgen de la Macarena
• Agustín Lara: Granada
• Franz von Suppe: Poet and Peasent
• La Virgen del Tepeyac (Pasodoble)
• Variations on “La Cucaracha”
• La Negra
• Las Chiapanecas
• Las Mañanitas
• Lindo Michoacán, Guadalajara, etc.



M5 with Organ

A majestic program for the big cathedrals with monumental organs.

Examples (alternating with pieces for organ solo):
• J.S.Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D minor.
• M.Greene: Trumpet voluntary
• J.S.Bach: Chorales from our Bach Program
• M. Mussorgsky: The Great Gate of Kiev from “Pictures at an Exhibition”

Merry Christmas

Christmas music from all over the world and the most festive works of the baroque music repertoire.

• G.F. Handel: Halleluja from “The Messiah”
•  G.F. Handel: Ode “Eternal Source” and “Lascia ch’io pianga” with Soprano
•  J.S.Bach: Chorale “Ich steh an Deiner Krippen hier”
• Adeste Fideles
• Oh Holy Night
• Villancicos
• God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
• Ch.Gounod: Ave Maria
• Gloria in Excelsis Deo
• Silent Night, Etc.

Little “Big Band”

With Juan Alzate’s jazz cuartet, M5 offers this Big Band project.

• Monty Norman: James Bond 007
• Wayne Shorter: Footprints, Infant Eyes
• Chick Corea: Times Lie
• High Society (Dixieland)
• George Gershwin: Summertime
• St. James Infirmary (Blues)
• J.S.Bach – Air
• Jerry Bergonzi: Jones, etc.