THANKS- 10 years M5!


After our very successful concert in Mexico City’s Nezahualcoyotl Concert Hall on May 31 and the shooting of our new video in Merida, Yucatan in early June, for M5 MEXICAN BRASS now begins another creative process, new program, new videos, new photo session, new promotion material and… Vacation! All of this very soon.



In our 10th Anniversary year we want to thank all those who are and were part of this great adventure:

-Before anybody else to our FAMILIES, wives, girlfriends, children etc. for supporting us and still talking to us in spite of all the noise and absence.

-To our FANS and FOLLOWERS for all the love and motivation

-To SUSAN ENDRIZZI and DON OSBORNE, from California Artists Management for their trust, support and vision since 2009! It’s rare to have friends as your agents.

-To EDUARDO SANCHEZ ZUBER, in 2005 chief conductor of the Michoacán Symphony Orchestra, for all his support in the first 3 years of our ensemble

-To ANA CRISTINA AGUILAR, who sponsored a big part of the 2006 CD “That’s A Plenty”

– To RODGER GARCIA and GARY LINDSEY, our friends and first professional contacts in the US, and with Gary Lindsey Artist Services from 2007 to 2009 our first agents

-To the legendary FRED MILLS (rip), who was the first famous musician to tell us “you have to do this!!!” for his advice and his friendship

-To JENS LINDEMANN for believing in us and inviting us to the Banff Centre in Canada for the first time in 2008, for his support, suggestions and his great friendship!

-To JAVIER ALVAREZ FUENTES, who created M5’s first residency at the Conservatorio de las Rosas in 2009

-To JORGE CERVANTES and DAVID MILLER for writing M5’s first own arrangements

-To ALEXANDR PASHKOV for composing the first pieces for M5, Ragtime (2006), Tarantella for M5 and Fred Mills (2007)

-To our former members JAVIER PEREZ, MIGUEL CORNEJO and CLIVE WHATLEY with whom the journey started in 2005 and 2006

-To TIM DUPPEN for saving us on the 2011 US-tour, playing almost 70 concerts with us

– To ALEJANDRO DIAZ, who played more than 50 concerts with us in 2012

-To FAUSTINO DIAZ, for helping us out and playing last notice concerts in 2011 with us, when we really needed him

-To LUZ ORTIZ and JOSE LUIS AGUIRRE for the recording of our CD’s “Bach” and “M5 on Tour”

-To LORENZO TOPPANO for his support and counsel about the world of recording and CD production

-To JOSE LUIS LAVIN and the “CADE”, for letting us rehearse in his house and school for years now, right in the heart of Mexico City

-To KEN BICHEL, KEVIN MCKEE, NONIS PRADO for their compositions

-To SAM RAFINESQUE, JUANJO PASTOR and DAVIDE FANCHIN from the Merida International Brass Festival for their vision and enthusiasm

– To all who like us

– To all who we forgot to mention by name, we are aware of your support and please…. don’ts stop listening and talking to us 🙂

THANK YOU FOR THESE 10 YEARS! Lets start a new chapter.


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